How could a Direct Marketing agency use SSS?

Direct marketing agencies frequently may encounter client opportunities that require heavy data warehousing and quantitative techniques.  SSS has worked with agencies for years to provide the partnership component that adds the critical missing skill sets to their client set of deliverables.

Whether its developing campaign management platforms to support specific product campaigns or executing multi-hiarchical segmentation processes for an agency's program, SSS can quietly empower the agency to work in exciting new areas of segmented marketing.

Or, SSS can help by:

  1. Building multi-year customer behavior histories, with appended psychographic and demographic data, capable of driving strategic segmentation rationales for direct marketing efforts.
  2. Cleaning and validating corrupt or undocumented data records in order for them to be utilized in direct marketing campaigns.
  3. Designing and deploying campaign reporting for written or web based access.
  4. Constructing statistical models and/or scoring algorithms capable of qualifying and assigning large numbers of customers/prospects into multiple profit, retention, cross sell or profit cells (or deciles).


SSS Provides Direct Marketing Organizations with the Robust Data Warehouse Capabilities that They Need to Take Their Clients' Campaigns to Unparalleled New Levels

Optimized customer and prospect management is dependent on the effective synthesis of all aspects of a given individual’s treatment.  In direct marketing, because there are a number of levers that can be utilized, the challenge of pulling together all relevant marketing information and possessing the ability to act on this information is critical.

Strategic Software Systems has been facilitating national level direct marketing programs for clients like, ADT, Chase's FirstUSA, Glaxo Smith Kline,, RTC Relationship Marketing, Berlex Pharmaceuticals and Bank of America since 1994.

SSS provides marketing data warehouses, campaign management systems and analytical services that strengthen its clients’ direct marketing programs in a way that provides unparalleled customer and prospect differentiation.

Specific Services Include:

  • Designing marketing data marts capable of integrating a large number of file sources into a single resource which can support campaign segmentation and execution.
  • Direct Marketing based data processing and list management addressing areas such as: CASS certified standardization, de-duping, data cleansing, householding, etc.
  • Analytical techniques such as predictive modeling and quantitative analysis supporting massive customer and product customization in the direct marketing context.
  • Designing and delivering intuitive web based reporting systems capable of showing all metrics germane to a particular client’s campaigns or strategies.