Linking All Customer Information in a Single Key

SSS TruKey℠  Technology Integrates a Customer Identifier Across LOB’s to Provide an Instant, Unified View of the Customer.

TruKey ℠ keeps all of the disparate account information tied together for analysis, instantaneous marketing strategies and comprehensive risk analysis. 

In financial services, pulling together all of the relevant information on a customer can be daunting. With a myriad of internal and external source systems, all of which are essentially non-interoperable, the instantaneous linkage of the customers account information across multiple lines of businesses is certainly no easy task.

Strategic Software Systems has developed TruKey, which is a customer key that provides a fully linked identifier for customer that can be utilized in a number of risk management as well as marketing scenarios.

True key provides this linkage across all of the industry-leading source systems, including:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Installment Loan
  3. Home Equity Loan
  4. Application Processing
  5. Auto Loan
  6. Small Business Credit

How could TruKey℠ be used?

In risk management, it could be used to qualify or disqualify a customer for an instant credit line increase, enabling the bank to score years worth of customer data across multiple credit line products in a real-time scenario.

TruKey could also facilitate instant cross sell offerings for web, mobile or telephone customers by pulling dozens of customer account attributes (including deep historical data), appending real-time credit bureau data and feeding all of this data into a cross sell algorithm which would provide a risk and response appropriate product offer to the customer in a matter of seconds.

TruKey was developed as a result of Strategic Software Systems data warehousing services, which, for over 18 years, has provided a number of top 20 U.S. banks with comprehensive, precise data warehouse platforms.

Having deployed ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processes for most of the leading source system vendors in the financial services industry, the systems engineering team at Strategic Software Systems has identified and optimized the many nuances associated with these complex source systems.