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Bank data warehousing that drives today's optimized Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting...

Designing data warehousing platforms that can precisely pull daily information from critical source systems requires a deep knowledge of the widely disparate source systems that can be found inside any bank.  Each system, residing on a particular platform, processing in its own cycles and storing its information in a unique way presents a challenge to the process of good system design.

Today, more than ever, credit strategies, must be based on the richest set of data possible.  They must go back significantly in history, capturing and validating each data source in a timely and accurate manner, and provide this information to management in a clear and understandable manner.

SSS has deployed its data warehousing systems at a number of top 20 U.S. banks since 1994.  In building this history, our organization has identified and mapped out all of the relevant complexities of most of the source systems found in banks today.  Our teams have developed loading and processing templates for most of the operational systems that are currently use. 

Choose Any or All Source Systems for Your Data Warehouse

SSS has further developed modular templates that facilitate reporting from virtually all well-recognized credit related source systems.  These units are the building blocks for customizable reporting platforms which can deliver daily reporting that today's risk analysts need.